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Sept 8th, 2021 ,free online blackjack with other players

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Customer Name: MicroTech Medical,online poker websites
PCBA Product: Motherboard
Application: Patch Insulin Pump
Product Property: Wearable Device
Product Industry: Medical Care

MicroTech Medical specializes in development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of Category II and III medical equipment. Owing to its internationalized management team and excellent core technology team that mainly comes from Silicon Valley, MicroTech Medical has become a creative high-tech enterprise manufacturing medical equipment used to monitor and cure chronic disease like diabetes. Its Equil? patch insulin pump has been used as an iniatiated artificial pancreatic system topping the world list. ,win money playing poker online

Product reliability has been what MicroTech Medical concerns most. However, a patch of assembled PCBs manufactured by its previous CM suffers from low yield and component soldering defects, which directly reduces the performance of MicroTech medical products. Therefore, MicroTech Medical had been searching for reliable electronics manufacturer until PCBCart was selected. ,texas poker free game

At the very beginning, PCBCart was selected to rework badly-performed BGA. MicroTech Medical noticed PCBCart’s PCBA manufacturing capabilities and high quality requirement during the cooperation, they submitted a medical motherboard SMT assembly job to PCBCart, which indicates the authentic cooperation for the sake of optimal performance of products.

This type of motherboard calls for high assembly density and different component types that are as many as 90 among which 0201 alone covers as many as 32 types. Moreover, this project contains a couple of high-complexity components placement, that is, TPS65217DRSL (0.4pitch QFN), TLV320AIC3106IZQE (0.5pitch BGA), MT29F2G08ABAEAH4-IT:E (0.8pitch BGA), AM3354BZCZ100 (0.8pitch BGA), BG connectors etc. Furthermore, 100% underfill gel is also applied. ,free slots no registration

The specific capabilities are summarized in the following table. ,roblox blackjack

Item Capability
PCB Size 100mm×100mm
Min. Hole 0.2mm
PCB Thickness 1.0mm
Surface Finish ENIG
Order Quantity 1000
Single/Double Side Double Side
SMD Type 90
Min. BGA Pitch 0.4mm
Min. Component Size 0201
Underfill Yes
Depanelization Yes
Test Yes

In terms of high-complexity component placement, the following solutions are carried out. ,play blackjack online with friends app

Step#1: MicroTech Medical submits a quote using PCBCart’s online quote system.
Step#2: Pricing is given by PCBCart within short time and online order instructions are provided to MicroTech Medical.
Step#3: As soon as order is successfully submitted, PCBA manufacturing will enter PCBCart’s ERP system so that customers are allowed to get aware of manufacturing procedure. And, PCBA manufacturing can be effectively implemented as well.
Step#4: Once bare PCBs and components are available, the SMT assembly line starts to run, going through solder paste printing, SPI, components placement, reflow soldering, AOI etc. with PCBA manufacturing successfully completed.

This project has witnessed successfully-assembled PCBs with a volume of 992 (8 for prototype) among which only 1 piece isn’t accepted until rework. Moreover, this batch of assembled PCBs reaches a 99.99% yield based on the implementation of BGA programming test, power-on test and drop test. The following image shows the final look of MicroTech Medical's assembled circuit boards.  ,free real money slots Malaysia

Advanced free slot games for ipad Services for Medical Industry | PCBCart

twin spin slot, MicroTech Medical shows great satisfaction to the result. Quite satisfied with products and service quality, long-term cooperation is expected between MicroTech Medical and PCBCart.

PCBCart features high reliability on PCB assembly manufacturing and especially performs professionally and excellently in 0201 placement. Owing to the collaboration between manufacturing department and customer service department, both performance and turnaround time of this batch of motherboards are guaranteed so that we’re quite satisfied with the service provided by PCBCart. Furthermore, we’ve been expecting to obtain more surprises from PCBCart.

By Quality Department of MicroTech Medical

One-stop electronics assembly service provided by PCBCart covers free roulette games online no downloadrication, components sourcing and PCB assembly. Sticking to high quality, high efficiency and low cost, PCBCart has been serving one-stop electronics assembly service for more than a decade since its establishment in 2005.

free real money slots Malaysia, Up to now, PCBCart’s been serving 10,000+ customers from 80+ countries around the globe. Due to high-quality products and service, PCBCart has won 99% customer satisfaction rate. PCBCart is ready to serve you as well.

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